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Cornelia Alsheimer alsheimer@sbcc.edu
805 708 4173

Vice President
Anna Parmely parmely@sbcc.edu

Jamie Campbell campbellj@sbcc.edu

Geordie Armstrong

Grievance Officers (2) Carmen Rivero

Cornelia Alsheimer
805 708 4173

Membership/Organizing Coordinator 
Ellen Carey

Webmaster/Social Media, Margarita Martín Del Campo

H. Senate Liaison 
 Ellen Carey

The Santa Barbara City College Faculty Association (FA) is the collective bargaining agent for all faculty, both regular and adjunct, at SBCC. The Association's primary role is to negotiate with the District for salaries, benefits and working conditions for the faculty. In addition, the Association assists individual faculty in the event of employment related disputes and helps to ensure that faculty members understand and enjoy the rights to which they are entitled. In the process of this, the Association monitors both the activities of the District as well as developing changes in the law and employment practices in an effort to improve the working environment for faculty and the College as a whole.

The FA is an independent association, not affiliated with any larger collective bargaining organizations such as AFT, CTA, or the AAUP. The FA is a member of the California Community College Independents (CCCI), which is a consortium of other independent, community college bargaining agents from around the state. Currently there are fifteen such independent organizations. Through CCCI, the FA shares information, strategies, and approaches to common issues. Additionally, the President of CCCI represents the Independents on the California Community College Consultation Council in Sacramento, as well as the Council of Faculty Organizations (COFO). Thus, through CCCI, your Faculty Association has direct input into the policy-making process of the system wide Chancellor and Board of Governors.

SBCC has a long and productive history of shared governance through the Academic Senate. Because of this, faculty interests in the areas of governance, academic policies, and other academic and professional matters are represented through the Senate. The FA focuses on salary, benefits, and working conditions for faculty. Resulting in a "thin" contract. The FA and the Senate maintain a liaison relationship that works to complement the efforts of each body, and in the long run, bring greatest benefit to the faculty and the college.

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We are an independent union supported and funded exclusively by faculty at SBCC.  We are knowledgeable and responsive to your needs!  Please join by filling out the form below.  You may print, sign, and return by campus mail - or give to Faculty Association representative during In-Service day - or scan, sign, and email to the address shown on the form.  Click here to download the form!

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VOTING RESULTS (February 2020) - click to download PowerPoint file


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